Ir. Rudy Setiawan, MT. — Distributor “BMW for Biaya (cost), Mutu (quality), dan Waktu (time)” We had to finish a 4-stories building of approximately 4,000 m2 in 2 weeks in a restricted location, and we had to find solution how we can finish it within school holiday in four to six weeks. As construction professionals, […]

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Bpk. Bisker M. Bakara– Owner of a private residence “98 m2 in 2 days” The second floor of my house of 98 m2 can be finished within only 2 days, complete with the walls. My neighbour was astonished to see what happened, saying that with conventional method (poured concrete) it would take 1-2 weeks or […]

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Dinding Blok AAC: 'Do and Don't'Dinding Blok AAC: 'Do and Don't'
Dinding Blok AAC: ‘Do and Don’t’

By : Elisa Haryonugroho   DO:   Make sure the main structure and columns meet the requirements and are dry. Use a mixture of PM-200 or PM-600 as first horizontal layer adhesive with 2-5 thickness. Apply it with a trowel. Use block adhesive PM-100 on the vertical blocks. Use a waterpass to ensure the blocks […]

A Smart Post-Flood SolutionSolusi Cerdas Pasca Banjir
A Smart Post-Flood Solution

The flood has gone. However, it leaves many problems, especially relating to the dirt left. Post-flood rehabilitation can be maximized if it is done thoroughly. Thismeans when there comes another flood, our home will be safe. Extending the height of the ground floor is usually done by digging the soil and adding sand and stones. […]

Myths and Facts  on Aerated Lightweight ConcreteMitos dan Fakta tentang Beton Ringan Aerasi
Myths and Facts on Aerated Lightweight Concrete

Many people are unwilling to use aerated lightweight concrete, and one of the reasons of their unwillingnfess is because they believe these myths. 1. MYTH: Aerated concrete is easy to break apart FACT: When it is correctly installed, aerated lightweight concrete is difficult to break apart. Burglars are unlikely to break into the house by […]

A Smart Way to Add A Level to Your HomeCara Cerdas Meninggikan Lantai
A Smart Way to Add A Level to Your Home

When you have more members in your family or more home activities while there is only limited area, there is no other choice but to add another level to your home. Flood that occurs in several residence area also force people to extend the height of their house floor. Floor renovation, similar to those of […]

Cool and Economical with Lightweight ConcreteAdem dan Hemat dengan Beton Ringan
Cool and Economical with Lightweight Concrete

By: Ir. Elisa Haryonugroho1 Convenience inside a house/building is very important. Convenience enables occupants to do their activities well and more productively. Determining factors of convenience are temperature, humidity, air circulation. Convenience can be attained by at least 2 things: good architectural planning and choosing the right materials. Convenience issue becomes crucial when the outer […]


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